Pink shares her heartwarming wish for her daughter Willow

goss 29/09/2021

Pink and her daughter Willow have a very special relationship - they've even released a song called 'Cover Me In Sunshine' together!

In a recent Instagram post, the singer shared some of her hopes and dreams for her 10 year old daughter.

"My wish for you is to be filled with passion and purpose, humor and curiosity." she said.

"And one day, far from now, when I’ve moved on, I wish for you to know in your center that you were the love of my life."

How sweet is that!? Pink's fans were quick to comment on her heartfelt post...

"Willow is truly blessed to have you as her mom to look up to, through a mother-daughter relationship. Hardworking, dedicated, kindhearted and most certainly a badass." one wrote.

"I mean... What a beautiful wish!" simply said someone else.

Just another reason to love Pink and her adorable fam!