Actor Andrew Garfield's powerful comments about coping with grief go viral

goss 26/11/2021

During a recent appearance on Stephen Colbert's late night talk show, actor Andrew Garfield opened up about the loss of his mother.

While promoting his new Netflix movie "Tick, Tick, Boom!", Stephen asked Andrew how he was dealing with the grief...

“I love talking about her, by the way, so if I cry, it’s only a beautiful thing,” he explained. “This is all the unexpressed love, the grief that will remain with us until we pass because we never get enough time with each other, no matter if someone lives till 60, 15, or 99.”

“So I hope this grief stays with me because it’s all the unexpressed love that I didn’t get to tell her,” he added. “And I told her every day. We all told her every day. She was the best of us.”

You can see Andrew's powerful comments in full in the video above...