These Christmas themed cocktails will have you feeling festive


Who said kids could only have fun on Christmas day?

Thanks to - we've got a list of delicious Christmas themed cocktails for you to try on the big day!

Take a look at the list below and give them a whirl with the full recipes here - as always, enjoy in moderation...

White Christmas Sangria

A festive twist on this classic! Mix limes and juice with wine and brandy!

Gin-gle Bell Cocktail

"Made with gin, Prosecco and cranberry juice it also features a surprise sherbetty fizz that will linger on your tongue."

White Christmas Martini

"Marshmallows, Malibu and maraschino cherries are combined to make the ultimate Christmas drink."

Gin Summer Party Punch

"Punch is the ultimate summer party drink, this recipe combines Gin with pineapple juice and elderflower cordial. You will be sure to go back for a refill."

Gingerbread Martini

"Made with spiced caramel sauce, vodka and Baileys Irish cream liqueur, and topped with gingerbread men, this fun Christmas cocktail is just what the adults ordered."