Rebel Wilson says walking everyday was her secret to losing weight

goss 13/01/2022

Rebel Wilson says "simply walking" was the trick that helped her lose 35 kilos.

The 41-year-old 'Pitch Perfect' star was told by a doctor at a health retreat that instead of sweaty, high-intensity workouts, walking was the "best way" to drop the weight.

Talking to Apple Fitness+, she recounted "The doctor said to me, "Rebel, the best way for you to lose unwanted body fat is just simply walking."

"Doesn't have to be high-intensity, doesn't have to be uphill, just moderate walking an hour a day. And if you can do that, for you, for your body type, it's, like, the best way to lose unwanted body fat."

Rebel Wilson declared thatn 2020 was her "year of health" and said she had wished she started on her healthy journey earlier in her 30s, rather than waiting until she was 40 to make the change.

“Now that I know I can do it, sometimes I feel sad that I didn’t do it earlier,” she said.

“Maybe I should have tried when I was 30, not 40. But everybody’s journey is different, and it’s not a race or competition."

We love her philosophy and that's definitely something we can get on board with!