Pink uses her own prerecorded sleep stories to put son Jameson to bed

goss 28/02/2022

Pink is back with something new for your to listen to - and she hopes it makes you fall asleep!

The singer has teamed up with sleep app Calm to record three bedtime stories for kids, and it's so effective, even her 5-year-old son Jameson has to listen to it as part of his nighttime routine.

"Jameson wants to have it every night," Pink told People. "He's been listening to Minions nonstop for five weeks, but now he's requesting my story so I'm feeling very proud."

Pink shared that her children love bedtime stories, and that she's been using a sleep app to help her for years.

I'm a person that overthinks everything, especially at night and I find that that's the time where your mind spins out the most instead of calming down.

The mum-of-two says she takes about an hour before she's able to fall asleep, while her husband Carey "falls asleep before he's lying down."

"I have to think through all of my problems, all of my kids' problems, all of the world's problems," she says.

The first of Pink's three sleep stories, 'The P!nk Sheet'  is based around a character called 'Ring' who gathers a team of real and imaginary misfits to create the coolest show on earth. Her bedtime story reading is available now on the Calm app