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'Frozen' stars send messages of support to Ukrainian girl singing 'Let It Go' from shelter

'Frozen' stars send messages of support to Ukrainian girl singing 'Let It Go' from shelter

The girl's performance has received 15 million views on Twitter.
9 March 2022 2:55PM

A young girl by the name of Amelia has gotten the world's attention after she sung the hit Disney song 'Let It Go' while sheltering with her community in a Ukraine basement.

And now the stars of 'Frozen' have taken noticed, helping the viral video reach more than 15 million views.

The video, which was first posted on Facebook, shows young Amelia standing up in a Kyiv bomb sheter, uplifting the spirits of her fellow residents with her rendition of 'Let It Go.'

'Frozen' star Idina Menzel, who originally sung the iconic song in the Disney film, tweeted a message of support for the young girl, saying "We see you. We really see you," alongside blue and yellow hearts representing the Ukrainian flag colours.

Josh Gad, who voiced snowman Olaf, added: "My heart is overwhelmed. These poor children. These poor people. I want to hug and protect this and every other child in danger right now and I feel helpless."

According to one account, Amelia told the video's original owner, Marta Smekhova, that she wished to grow up and be a "singer on a grand stage," which led Marta to encourage her and say "why not start now." As she sings, the noise amongst the bomb shelter quiets, and breaks into applause when she finishes her performance, leaving her with a shy but proud smile.

Amelia has also received offers from singers and music producers who offer their services to help Amelia's family and have Amelia record her own song as a fundraiser towards Ukraine.