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Taylor Hawkins shares love for Dave Grohl during last 'Somebody to Love' Foo Fighters performance

Taylor Hawkins shares love for Dave Grohl during last 'Somebody to Love' Foo Fighters performance

The drummer took lead vocals for their cover of Queen's 'Somebody to Love'.
28 March 2022 2:49PM

“I f****** love Dave Grohl, man."

Taylor Hawkins, the long-time drummer for the Foo Fighters who suddenly died on Saturday (NZ time), spoke high praise for his fellow band member Dave Grohl in one of his last performances.

The 50-year-old drummer had stepped up to sing lead vocals for a cover of one of his favourite songs, 'Somebody To Love' by Queen, while the band were headlining Lollapalooza festival in Argentina last week.

Trading places with former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, Taylor took a moment before his song to credit the impact Dave had on Taylor's life.

“I’d be delivering pizzas if it wasn’t for f****** Dave Grohl. I’d be managing the drum department at a Guitar Center if it wasn’t for Dave Grohl.”

The drummer then sang a powerful rendition of 'Somebody To Love', which has been viewed half a million times since Taylor's death.

Fans, who were shocked at the news, took the time to comment their sadness at the poignant performance.

"It's very sad, and eerie to see and hear  Taylor sing on stage. Who would of known what would happen soon after. Taylor, you will be missed immensely with the Foo Fighters Band. God bless Taylor's  family. RIP Taylor," one fan wrote.

"Look at Taylor up there so full of life , fun and good humor.  Look at how much he and Dave love each other.  How can he be dead?" wrote another fan.

"I've had all day to think about this and I still cannot process that Taylor is gone. The joy and light he brought to this world is so evident in this video. You can see his bandmates light up when he looks at them. Such a devastating loss for all who loved him. "

The drummer was on tour in South America when the band called off their performance at last minute. Forensic investigators concluded that the 50-year-old rocker had a heart twice the normal size, and suffered cardiovascular collapse after taking a cocktail of drugs, according to Colombian publication Semana.

The Foos have cancelled the rest of their South American tour, but have not given word on the rest of their tour dates, including New Zealand's.