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Eric Murray is "disappointed" after Dancing With The Stars NZ contestants are forced to quit

Eric Murray is "disappointed" after Dancing With The Stars NZ contestants are forced to quit

The realities of the pandemic has hit the Dancing with the Stars cast
19 May 2022 5:58PM

Due to being tested positive for Covid, two teams have been immediately eliminated from the show, and a third is rumoured to also be wary of a potential positive result.

Eric Murray's 'disappointment' quitting Dancing with the Stars NZ
A positive test in the week of the semi-finals has forced Olympian Eric Murray from the dance competition.
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Last night, Dancing With The Stars NZ announced that Olympican Eric Murray and dance partner Loryn have been eliminated from the series after testing positive for COVID-19.

Comedian castmate Rhys Mathewson and dance partner Phoebe Robb have also tested positive, which has also lead to their elimination from the show.

Talking to Flynny from our Drive show, Eric Murray wasn't shy to hide his disappointment about catching COVID at this stage of the competition.

"We've been so good. Honestly, man, we taste like every day going into training and to see everything. And then just somewhere I've picked it up and it's like, damn you, dammit!" 

The rule from the original BBC TV series states that up until the semi-finals, if somebody gets COVID, they can take a week off and come back to the show. However, once the show has reached the semi-finals, the team gets eliminated from the competition and the recently eliminated team gets to be back on the show. 

Sixth-placed Alex Vaz and his dance parter Brittany, and seventh-placed Kerre Woodham and Jared Neame will be re-entering the competition this weekend. 

Eric Murray is "disappointed" after Dancing With The Stars NZ contestants are forced to quit

Broadcaster Brodie Kane, who is still competing on the show with dance partner Enrique, has also told her podcast listeners that she hasn't been feeling well, but Eric Murray told Flynny that he hasn't heard any "goss" that she's also out of the competition.

"You get that pseudo effect where you're like, 'Oh no, I don't feel well. I've got the Covs', but you could just be a bit rundown."

Who knows if there will be any more changes on the dance floor this weekend! The next episode of Dancing with the Stars NZ continues to air live on Sunday from 7pm.