Netflix release first 8 minutes of new 'Stranger Things' episode ahead of season 4 premiere

goss 23/05/2022

Can't wait till May 27th?

The much-anticipated season four of 'Stranger Things' is premiering on Netflix on May 27th.  But to help avid watchers hold on till then, the streaming platform has released the first 8 minutes of episode 1, available for everyone on YouTube.

And without spoiling anything, it's a little spooky, a little bit bloody, and 100% intriguing.

Season 4 of the sci-fi drama will be released in two "volumes", with the first volume consisting of seven episodes, followed by the last two episodes released July 1st.

While the number of episodes is similar to previous seasons, this fourth season has been dubbed by show creators Matt and Ross Duffer “five hours longer than any previous one,” with three of the first four episodes are 75 minutes long “or more.”

In fact, according to an official Netflix post, the seventh episode is 1 hour, 38 minutes; the eighth is around 1 hour, 25 minutes; and the ninth is almost two and a half hours long. Wow!

The last time the world was treated to a new season of Stranger Things was three years ago - so let's hope it doesn't disappoint!