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See Meghan, Harry, Kate and William as grandparents

Ever wondered what the royals will look like in a couple of decades?
9 May 2022 10:02AM

We've all been curious about what we'll look like when we're older. 
Someone has gone one step further and wondered how the royals will look when they are grandparents. That's where FaceApp comes in.

FaceApp has an 'age filter' tool that can predict how a person will look with a couple of years added on the top, and honestly, the royals still look pretty good in our opinion! 

Take a peek below at how William, Kate, Harry, and Megan came off…

So according to the app, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will continue to bring the good looks and big smiles to Buckingham Palace, and even with the effects of the Californian sun, Harry and Meghan will still exude glamour and style for decade to come. 

Dare to try the app out on yourself? You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.


Source: Daily Mail