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A global hummus shortage is on the way

This is terrible news for our snacking habits
11 July 2022 10:21AM

We hate to start the week off on a bad note, but those in the know are predicting a global hummus shortage. 

Bad weather and the war in Ukraine has experts predicting a worldwide 20% drop in chickpeas, the main ingredient in the heavenly dip.

Russia and Ukraine are two of the biggest chickpea exporters in the world, so the pointless and devastating war has meant that suppliers in both countries have seen their business come to a screeching halt. 

One expert told Reuters that as soon as the Russian invasion began, “the supply was destroyed, totally”.

Extreme weather in Mexico, the United States, and Australia has also seen the humble chickpea become less available than your ex’s emotions. 

The USA supply suffered from droughts last year and this year crops are being “bogged down”, according to the Guardian

A director at agricultural wholesaler Ikon Commodities said that in Australia “parts of the planted area is still under water.”

For now, we'll ust have to enjoy as much of that grazing platter goodness while it lasts.