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Jamie Lee Curtis to play psychic medium in Haunted Mansion remake?

Jamie Lee Curtis has reportedly joined the cast of the new 'Haunted Mansion' flick.
3 August 2022 4:11PM

Jamie Lee Curtis is to star in Disney's remake of 'Haunted Mansion'.

The 'Halloween' star has shared a headline from an article reporting that she is set to take on the role of psychic medium Madame Leota.

Hollywood legend Jamie, 63, simply captioned the Instagram post with the emoji for a crystal ball, appearing to confirm the casting.

Justin Simien is directing the upcoming live-action movie adaptation of the legendary Disney theme park ride.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed over the weekend that it is slated for release on March 17, 2023.

The starry cast also includes LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Rosario Dawson, and Danny DeVito.

The movie will focus on a mother and her son as they stumble on a mansion with a mysterious past.

They then find themselves meeting a whole host of eclectic characters.

The movie - which will be the second adaptation of the Disney ride after 2003's 'Haunted Mansion' starring Eddie Murphy, Nathaniel Parker and Jennifer Tilly - is being directed by Justin Simien from Katie Dippold's script.

'Aladdin' co-producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich are on board via their Rideback company.

Production got underway in Atlanta and New Orleans last year, and the latter city hints at the original attraction which is set in New Orleans Square.

While Jamie's character requires her to look into a crystal ball, the 'Freaky Friday' star recently revealed she avoids looking in the mirror.

The movie star checks her reflection when she's carrying out tasks that require her to do so, but she doesn't spend a lot of time scrutinising her appearance because she doesn't want to be critical of herself.

She said earlier this year: “When I brush my teeth, of course, I look in the mirror. When I pluck my eyebrows, of course, I look in a mirror. But when I get out of a shower, I just don’t stare at my now 63-year-old body in the mirror,

“I’m not denying what I look like, of course I’ve seen what I look like. I am trying to live in acceptance. If I look in the mirror, it’s harder for me to be in acceptance. I’m more critical. Whereas, if I just don’t look, I’m not so worried about it.”