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Jason Momoa thrills passengers as flight attendant on Hawaiian Airlines

Jason Momoa thrills passengers as flight attendant on Hawaiian Airlines

"I'm never sleeping through a flight again."
4 August 2022 9:55AM

Picture this: You're flying to Hawaii (must be nice), you've fastened your seatbelt and chosen a movie, when you're handed a bottle of water by Aquaman himself. 

This was the reality for one plane of lucky passengers on a recent Hawaiian Airlines flight when Jason Momoa appeared behind the drinks cart and started handing out refreshments. 

The Hollywood heavyweight's surprise appearance on the plane has gone viral after a TikTokker shared footage of the moment captured by her aunty.

"When Jason Momoa is your flight attendant," the caption read. 

In the clip, Jason wears a Kukui nut lei around his neck and a pink hibiscus flower behind his left ear as he hands out bottles of his drinking water Mananalu. 

The 'Game of Thrones' star founded the company in 2019 and has recently partnered with Hawaiian Airlines. 

The TikTok has racked up over 5 million views, with hundreds of commenters losing their minds over the thought of Jason serving them drinks. 

"The flight attendant call buttons are going to need to be replaced at every seat!" one comment read.

"I'm never sleeping through a flight again," said another. 

A third suggested the only way the experience could have been improved is if Jason was also handing out a breakfast cocktail, making him "Jason Mimosa". 

Meanwhile, others noticed Jason was wearing his flower behind his left ear, which could signify that he's spoken for romantically.

Earlier this year, the star announced that he and wife Lisa Bonet were going their separate ways after nearly 17 years together. He was then rumoured to be dating actress Eiza González, but they reportedly split back in June

Whether or not Jason is single right now is yet to be confirmed, but it's totally possible he just popped that flower behind his left ear to avoid being hit on by a planeload of star-struck passengers!