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Olivia Newton-John's daughter shares beautiful photographs with her mum, her 'best friend'

Our thoughts go out to Olivia's family and friends
9 August 2022 5:48PM

Olivia Newton-John's only daughter Chloe Lattanzi shared beautiful photos of the two of them, captionless on social media, after the sad news was shared by her father earlier this morning. 

Olivia passed away this morning surrounded by family and friends after battling cancer three time since 1992. 

Family, friends and fans of Olivia have shared their deepest condolences to her in the comment sections. 

The pictures she shared included ones from when Chloe was a baby, a little girl and their recent photographs together.

We cannot fathom what their family are going through at this moment. Our thoughts go out to Olivia's family and friends. 

Just three days before, she shared a photo with her mum, who's her best friend and wrote, "I worship this woman. My mother. My best friend. 💋💕👯‍♀️"

Dame Olivia Newton-John was and is a role model to many and her music, movies, work, her legacy will live forever.