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Tiktoker stuns boy running $3 lemonade stand by giving him $1100 to fulfil his soccer dreams

Tiktoker stuns boy running $3 lemonade stand by giving him $1100 to fulfil his soccer dreams

His reaction will melt your heart!
24 August 2022 3:59PM

One kid got the surprise of his life while he was attempting to raise money for the soccer trip of his dreams.

A TikTok posted by Lexy and Austin Burke is doing the rounds after gaining the attention of 16.5 million viewers from around the globe.

While out for lunch in Nashville, Tennessee, Lexy and Austin spotted a young boy selling lemonade on the side of the road.

For the past two summers, the couple has wanted to donate a large chunk of cash to a lemonade stand but had been unsuccessful, that was until they met Niko.

Standing in the extreme heat, Niko set up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk in an attempt to raise money to go to Portugal with his competitive soccer team.

Feeling inspired by his worth ethic, the couple fund-raised as much money as they could for him in just one hour.

The couple regularly raise money on Lexy’s account @lexylately with what they have called “Venmo challenges.” Thanks to the help of their followers, the couple can surprise strangers with donations to help ease the financial stresses in life.

For this particular challenge, they were able to gift Niko USD$1,100 and his reaction to the surprise will make your heart melt.

“It’s so good,” Lexy says of the lemonade, taking a sip. “How much is it?”

After telling them it costs $3, Niko says he’s got “plenty of change,” completely unaware of what was about to happen.

Lexy hands him a wad of cash in an envelope and insists he “keep the change.”

Niko, was blown away by their kindness, jumping up to give Lexy and Austin a hug.

“There’s no reason I should have been here,” Niko said. “But it’s crazy that like I was here at this time.”

It’s very heartwarming to see such a genuinely good heart be rewarded with such kindness.