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Apple’s new watch can tell you when you’re ovulating

The new watch has some fancy new health features and will help ‘spot’ health conditions.
8 September 2022 4:30PM

September is a big month for Apple as they unveiled their new list of upcoming products. 

Among the list is the new Apple Watch Series 8, with several new health features.

Apple COO Jeff Williams revealed that the Series 8 can now estimate when the wearer has ovulated. New temperature sensors enable wearers to check their health easily throughout ovulation in addition to making it simpler for people to keep tabs on their menstrual cycle.

Body heat is collected every five seconds during the night to track the wearer's temperature at night. The Health app can then be used to track nightly changes in your body's core temperature.

In the presentation, Apple promised more detailed menstrual cycle tracking so users can be aware of any deviations from their regular cycle.

Williams reassured industry leaders that the gadget had been made with security in mind and that all health information could only be shared with the wearer's consent.


Another new safety feature is the ability to automatically detect car crashes using motion sensors within the Apple Watch Series 8 and the new iPhone 14. When the devices detect an accident they will automatically contact emergency services.

In order to make this feature as effective as possible, Apple said that it has carefully examined crash data and that the sensors will allow the watch to pinpoint the exact moment of impact.

The Apple Watch Series 8 starts from $729 NZD and is set to be available from the 16th of September.