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Disney and Pixar just announced a bunch of films the kids are gonna lose it over

Disney and Pixar just announced a bunch of films the kids are gonna lose it over

Something to replace the 1000th repeat of Frozen? Yes, please!
20 September 2022 3:16PM

All parents recognise the power of a truly great kid's movie. It can inspire imagination, create core childhood memories, and let's face it, give you a much-needed moment of peace… until the soundtrack is released, of course. 

More FM was lucky enough to head over to California to the home of magical movies - Disney! Or rather, Disney's annual D23 Expo, where big celebrities make even bigger announcements about what's due to hit our screens next.

Disney and Pixar just announced a bunch of films the kids are gonna lose it over

Let me tell you, Disney and Pixar have got the bases covered. Loved 'Inside Out'? There's a second one coming! Keen to meet some entirely new characters? There's 'Elemental' or 'Elio'. Always had a not-so-secret crush on Jake Gyllenhaal? He's voicing a character in 'Strange World'! 

We got to see Jake and a whole bunch of other A-Listers in the flesh as they told us about these new projects, so let us talk you through the flicks that will earn you some serious points with the kiddos. 

Strange World

Truth be told, we kind of struggled to pay attention to the announcement of 'Strange World' once Jake took to the stage and started talking (little did we know Jude Law would show up later, too).

Disney and Pixar just announced a bunch of films the kids are gonna lose it over

He plays Searcher, a young dad attempting to guide his family through a hidden world filled with unique creatures and "environments full of surprises and dangers". 

His dad, Jaeger, is played by Dennis Quaid, and the all-star cast also includes Lucy Liu and Gabrielle Union. The story was written by Qui Nguyen, who brought us 'Raya and the Last Dragon', so we have high hopes it'll be great. 

'Strange World' hits cinemas on November 23 this year. 

Peter Pan & Wendy

We all remember the magic of Neverland and wishing we had our very own Tinkerbell, but our kids may have missed out. Thankfully, in 2023 we're heading to the 'second star to the right and straight on 'til morning' because 'Peter Pan and Wendy' is streaming on Disney+. 

Jude Law is basically unrecognisable as Captain Hook (but still looks glorious in real life, just to be clear) and told the D23 crowd how excited he was to be putting his spin on such an iconic character. Meanwhile, Ever Anderson, who plays Wendy, assured us that "Peter Pan and Wendy are equals in this film" which we definitely like the sound of. 

'Peter Pan and Wendy' will begin streaming on Disney+ next year. 


If you've had enough of remakes and re-watching Frozen or Moana, as great as they are, we don't blame you. It's time for something all-new! Pixar's 'Elemental' is set in a city where fire, water, land and air residents live together, and it looks absolutely beautiful aesthetically speaking and downright adorable in terms of the story. 

We meet Ember: A tough and fiery young woman, and Wade: A fun, sappy, go-with-the-flow guy. Their names might give you a bit of a clue as to what elements they are. The trailer isn't out yet, but we got a sneak peek at some footage at D23 and it is a stunning feast for the senses. Even the littlest little ones will be enthralled! 

'Elemental' is set to be released on June 16, 2023. 

Inside Out 2

Amy Poehler crashed the party just before the end of the presentation to announce the sequel to Inside Out 2 is on the way, prompting huuuuge applause from the crowd.

Disney and Pixar just announced a bunch of films the kids are gonna lose it over

Amy, of course, voices Joy, and let us in on the news this next jaunt inside the head of Riley will take place when she's a teenager. This means a whole new cast of Emotions will join the fray, and whether or not the kids are keen (they will be) we actually can't wait! 

On that note, we will have to wait a while, unfortunately, as 'Inside Out 2' isn't due to be released until 2024.


Pixar's new space adventure is 'Elio', a story about an artistic and creative 11-year-old who finds himself making contact with aliens before being mistaken for an intergalactic ambassador for planet Earth.

Elio's mum Olga runs a top-secret military project and she was attempting to decode a strange signal from outer space before her kid beat her to the punch!

Disney and Pixar just announced a bunch of films the kids are gonna lose it over

Olga is played by America Ferrera, who said her character spoke to her in "so many ways as a mother". "And of course, with my advanced mathematical degree, I can finally put it to use," she told the crowd at D23. "Don't Google it."

Elio's release date is set for 2024. 

As if that wasn't enough, there are remakes of 'Snow White' and 'The Little Mermaid' to look forward to, as well as a prequel to The Lion King called 'Mufasa'.