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“I Love You, You Hate Me” new 'Barney' doco exposes the dark side of the kid's show

Barney wanted to spread love and kindness, but there was a dark side
30 September 2022 11:03AM

We thought the 'Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey' slasher movie was enough to ruin everyone's childhoods this year, but Barney has come to the party! 

Barney was meant to be people's ‘favourite purple dinosaur’ who shared his adventures, songs and dances to help kids share, care, and learn. 
...Apparently some adults didn't quite get that message.

The Peacock docuseries, ‘I Love You, You Hate Me’, is set to put the spotlight on just how dark the kid's show was behind the scenes. 

Check out the trailer below:

The trailer centres around Sheryl Leach, who created the programme in 1992 with Kathy Parker and Dennis DeShazer after initially making Barney-themed home films for her kids. 

The docuseries also features the man in the suit, Bob West, who recounts the death threats that were made not only against him, but his entire family as a result of being on the show. 

NBC's Al Roker and Bill Nye the Science Guy also make appearances in the show, sharing just how quick the world turned on the lovable purple dino. 

The series produced by Scout Productions will debut on October 12, however, the Peacock streaming service is currently not available in New Zealand.