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Mariah Carey is thawing: New 'themed album' on the way

Mariah Carey has revealed she has a "themed" record in the making.
20 September 2022 10:35AM

Mariah Carey has a number of projects in the pipeline, including a "themed album".

The 'Hero' hitmaker has revealed she's been working on lots of music, including brand new tunes for what looks set to be either a "scripted series or documentary".

Speaking on the 'Rolling Stone Music Now' podcast, she spilled: "It's about three or four different things. One is a project that I'm almost finished with that I was doing some background vocal tweaks on. One is (new) songs that could be for the scripted series or could be for a documentary. And then, there's a themed album.

The 53-year-old pop icon also admitted it did her voice good to have a rest amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as it had been "damaged" and started sounding "hoarse".

She said: "Travelling and getting hoarse and doing this and doing that did damage my voice for a minute.