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Qantas gives option to book 'Neighbour Free' seats for as little as $30

We all would love a little more space on flights
7 September 2022 11:51AM

We all love getting onto a plane, seeing your seat row is empty, then that glorious moment when the flight attendants close the doors and there's still no one next to you! 

Well now Qantas is making it easier to fly 'Neighbour Free' with their new option where passengers can pay a fee to prevent anyone from taking the seat next to them.

The starting price will be $30 AU (roughly $33NZD), but the airline has stated pricing could differ between flights. 

Other airlines also have options to guarantee an empty seat next to you, but typically at a much higher priced ticket (like ‘The Works Deluxe’ on Air NZ) or being a member of a frequent flyer club.

At this stage, the service is being trialled on a few domestic flights within Australia.

48 hours prior to departure, customers on an upcoming Qantas flight where the service is available, will receive an email inviting customers to upgrade to the 'neighbour free’ option. 

Unfortunately, ‘Neighbour Free’ is not a 100% guarantee as Qantas has advised “seats may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft".