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Actress Jodie Comer declared world's most beautiful woman "according to science"

Actress Jodie Comer declared world's most beautiful woman "according to science"

The Golden Ratio has dubbed her the most 'physically perfect'.
12 October 2022 5:17PM

While we believe that all women are beautiful in their unique ways, science doesn't seem to think beauty is "in the eye of the beholder".

Science likes to follow its own rules to find the most 'physically perfect' face - which has been dubbed the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi.

The Golden Ratio, which is a ratio of 1:1.618, is found in the proportions of all sorts of natural and manmade structures, such as Egyptian pyramids to the Mona Lisa painting. According to science, our eyes are attracted to objects with this ratio and consider them "visually appealing."

British celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva used the Golden Ratio study in female celebrity faces, to share 'Killing Eve' actress Jodie Comer is the world's "most beautiful woman in the world, according to science."

The 29-year-old UK actress was rated to be 94.52 percent accurate to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi.

'Dune' actress Zendaya was second with 94.37 percent, model Bella Hadid was third with 94.35 percent, and singer Beyonce was fourth with 92.44 percent.

Jodie Comer's nose and lips were considered in an almost perfectly placed position and shape at 98%, and her eye position was 96% closer to perfection in the Golden Ratio.

Zendaya, who was only .15% behind Jodie's overall score, received a high 99.5% score for her lips. Bella Hadid's chin was found to be her highest-rated facial asset at 99.7%, and Beyonce's face shape scored a 99.6% in the Golden Ratio.

To be honest, "golden ratio" statistics are a bit of a joke and mean very little in the grand scheme of things. But if you're the sort of person that thinks there is beauty in math and Fibonacci number sequences - everyone is allowed to have their "thing"!

Top ten female celebrities with the highest scores of Golden Ratio:

1. Jodie Comer - 94.52%
2. Zendaya - 94.37%
3. Bella Hadid - 94.35%
4. Beyonce - 92.44%
5. Ariana Grande - 91.81%
6. Taylor Swift - 91.64%
7. Jourdan Dunn - 91.39%
8. Kim Kardashian - 91.28%
9. Deepika Padukone - 89.63%
10. HoYeon Jung - 89.63%