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‘Hot Potato’: A documentary about The Wiggles is coming in 2023

‘Hot Potato’: A documentary about The Wiggles is coming in 2023

We can't wait for this one!
14 October 2022 4:43PM

Amazon Prime Video announced that a documentary about the colourful, cheerful, and celebrated entertainment group The Wiggles will be coming next year. 

‘Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles’ will chronicle how the original members - Anthony, Murray, Greg, and Jeff - went from obscurity and punchlines to renowned and celebrated by hundreds of thousands of families. 

The documentary will be full of nostalgia, with loads of footage from the early days, and even behind-the-scenes, never-before-viewed footage. 

That sounds so good!

The head of content at Prime Video Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, Tyler Bern, said Wiggles fans will fall in love with the group all over again. 

“The Wiggles are arguably the world’s most well-known and trusted children’s band, and we know our customers have either grown up watching them or spent years playing their songs for their children and grandchildren,” he said. 

“With incredible archival footage, and in the capable hands of our filmmakers, this documentary will give audiences a glimpse behind the curtain of The Wiggles phenomenon that they have never seen before, exploring their meteoric rise.”

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field said that all The Wiggles have ever aimed to do is teach kids what they need to know and bring a bit of fun to their life, and he’s looking forward to being able to share the whole story of how they have achieved that over the last three decades. 

“When we first formed The Wiggles more than three decades ago, our aim was to educate and inspire children through music, and that continues today,” he said. 

“Looking through the archives has brought back so many incredible and emotional memories, from our first shows for 30 children, to touring America and the world, playing to arenas.

“It’s been such an incredible and evolving journey and we can’t wait to share our story with everyone,” he finished.

There is no release date for the documentary yet, but we’ll keep you posted when they announce one.