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Katy Perry's bizarre eye malfunction has fans very confused

Katy Perry's bizarre eye malfunction has fans very confused

“She lost the WiFi connection!"

Is Katy Perry secretly a robot, or a weird blinky-eye doll?

Fans have been sharing their wild theories after a video of her eye “malfunctioning” on stage went viral online.

In the clip, Katy is seen pausing for a minute between songs during her Las Vegas residency set. Fans began to notice the singer's unusual facial expressions including a moment where she struggles to open her right eye.

When the singer touches her temple again and again in an attempt to open her eye, people began to question whether she is some type of metal machinery posing as the real deal.

Comments came flooding in with one writing “she’s glitching!”

“Looks like a robot and it was trying to reset the eyes by pushing a button on the side of the cranium,” wrote another. 

“She lost the WiFi connection,” another hilariously joked, although we don’t think that’s the case.

While the robot theory is standing strong online others have come through with some more believable theories.

One suggested it could be partially due to being slammed in the face with a load of slime at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards years ago.

Others reckon it was just a bit of sweat or her eyelash glue playing up - that’s more believable.

One fan with makeup artist experience shared: “Stage makeup is very heavy and will get everywhere when you touch it. She’s gentling pulling her temple area to try and alleviate the itch or clear whatever is bothering her eye without doing damage.”

Meanwhile, fans who have seen Katy’s show before claim it is supposed to be in the act.

“OK so this is some weird gag she does at her show to resemble those old dolls that opened and closed their eyes when you tilted them,” a fan explained on Reddit.

“I was kinda worried it was a stroke or surgery mishap. But no, she does that on purpose.”

Katy has actually spoken on what she described as her “wonk eye” before.

“A bunch of my fans created a fandom over my wonk eye. I even have a fandom that calls itself, ‘Katy’s wonk eye’,” she said on an episode of American Idol.

“It’s my right eye. So just celebrate all that stuff. Don’t worry about it”

Although Katy has yet to confirm exactly what was going on with her eye, as much fun as it is to convince ourselves that she may have cloned herself with some scrap metal, chances are the wonk eye or makeup malfunction is the winner in this case.