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Princess Kate gives three-year-old kid a special gift during a visit to a children's centre

Princess Kate gives three-year-old kid a special gift during a visit to a children's centre

That kid will be talking about this one for a long time.
10 November 2022 12:45PM

Princess Kate gifted a three-year-old kid something very special during the royal's visit to a children's centre. 

Kate Middleton was visiting Colham Manor Children’s Centre as part of a surprise visit when she started talking to a young boy by the name of Akeem.

“What’s your name,” Akeem asked the princess. Kate lets him know that her name is Catherine, to which Akeem simply responds “Okay,” inducing laughter from the onlookers. 

Akeen then points to a poppy pinned to Kate’s coat. “Do you know what this is for?” Kate asked him. “It’s for remembering all the soldiers who died in the war. There you go, that’s for you,” she said before handing the poppy to him and giving the pin to Akeem’s mother. 

The adorable conversation was filmed and put on Twitter by reporter Rhiannon Mills.

Give it a watch below:

Princess Kate was visiting the children’s centre on behalf of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, a charity she serves as a patron for. 

Kate and Prince William’s shared Twitter page posted about the visit. The aim of the visit was to help Kate understand how new mothers navigate their mental health and to discover what can be done to assist them as they navigate motherhood. 

“A wonderful first visit with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance this morning, seeing its work and the benefit a holistic approach brings to so many mothers and families,” the Twitter post reads. 

“Spending some time with new mothers, understanding more about their experiences of mental health and how integrated services are making a real difference in the community.”

It’s so good to see Princess Kate giving back to the community and doing what she can to help out new mothers! 

We’re sure Akeem and all the other kids she met during the visit will tell this story for years to come.