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A young boy with Tourette's wrote a precious note to Lewis Capaldi after he announced a break

A young boy with Tourette's wrote a precious note to Lewis Capaldi after he announced a break

"You are a role model to everyone with Tourette's!"

In a touching story that reminds us all of the impacts we can have on others, a young eleven-year-old boy wrote a letter to Lewis Capaldi in support of his decision to take a mental health break away from performing on his current world tour.

It all started when James, who had just been diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome, witnessed Lewis battling the same condition during his performance at Glastonbury. The young piano player was so inspired by Lewis's resilience that he penned a heartfelt letter on a sheet of lined paper.

In his letter, James admiringly told Lewis how his determination and perseverance brought a smile to his face, stating that Lewis is a true role model for everyone with Tourette's.

SOURCE: Glasgow Times

"I like that you have Tourette's and you keep going with it... whenever I see you struggling but continue going, it brings a smile to my face... you are a role model to everyone with Tourette's and it shows them that they can be successful."

James' mum was quick to share how proud she was of her son for writing such a heartfelt note with no prompting.

"'I was really proud of him because it absolutely came from his heart,' she told Glasgow Times

James's mum hopes the letter will shed light on the challenges individuals with Tourette's face and inspire greater awareness. 

“I would like people to see that having a condition like Tourette’s has a massive impact on your mental health and sometimes it’s absolutely fine, but sometimes it isn’t."

“I’d also like people to be more aware of the fact that tics are not necessarily the extreme ones and that you can be successful with the condition and it is also only one facet of who you are," she added.

The Scottish singer-songwriter announced on his social media that he’s taking a much-needed break from touring “for the foreseeable future” to rest and recover after his Tourette syndrome has caused some struggles while performing.

While it’s incredibly sad that this means he will not be making his way to our shores here in NZ, it’s good to hear that Capaldi is taking the time to focus on his mental health.

The news comes after Lewis previously mentioned a potential break while performing at Glastonbury festival over the weekend. 

The singer apologised towards the end of his set: "I feel like I’ll be taking another wee break for the next few weeks, you might not see me for the rest of the year. But when I do come back, and I do see you, I hope you’re up for watching."