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Harry Styles winces in pain after being hit in the eye by an object thrown from the crowd

Harry Styles winces in pain after being hit in the eye by an object thrown from the crowd

That looked like it seriously hurt!

Harry Styles was hit in the eye by an object thrown by a fan on Saturday.

The 29-year-old singer was performing the latest show of his 'Love On Tour' concert series in Vienna, Austria when an unknown missile struck him in the face.

In video footage obtained by Pop Crave, Harry - who was wearing a green sequinned jumpsuit - could be seen walking across the stage between songs when he was hit by the small object and bent over, wincing in pain as he covered his eyes with his hands.

Last November, Harry was also hit in the eye when a fan threw Skittles sweets at him during his gig in Los Angeles.

A number of stars including Drake, Bebe Rexha, Ava Max and Kelsea Ballerini have been hit by flying objects in recent months.

The worrying trend has been slammed by a number of other performers, with Adele blasting concertgoers for "forgetting show etiquette".

Speaking on stage at her 'Weekends with Adele' Las Vegas residency at Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino in Sin City last weekend, the 'I Drink Wine' singer said: "Have you noticed how people are, like, forgetting show etiquette at the moment, throwing (things) onstage? Have you seen it?"

"I dare you, dare you to throw something at me. Stop throwing things at the artist!"

She then proceeded to fire a T-shirt from a blaster into the crowd and giggled: "But you can shoot things at the audience."

Jason Derulo also blasted fans for being "disrespectful" to their favourite performers.

He told TMZ: "It's not a moment, you don't get anything from that, all you do is disrespect the artist."

But the 'Savage Love' hitmaker also urged artists to stop using fans' phones to take photos during their gigs as he thinks it is encouraging the practice.

He said: "I've had it happen to me. People are really into throwing their phones because they think the artist is going to take a picture, and I think artists [are] going to have to stop taking a photo.

"It's like the Matrix, you've gotta dodge these phones! It's getting dangerous out here."

"I feel like it's not a good thing, if an artist comes really close and you can try to pass your phone, I get that, but launching the phone on the stage, that's crazy. I think it should be up to the celebrity to stop it, but that needs to be a conversation."