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Jock Zonfrillo Remembered In Emotional Tribute During 'MasterChef AU' Grand Final

Jock Zonfrillo Remembered In Emotional Tribute During 'MasterChef AU' Grand Final

“Give it up for Jock Zonfrillo.”

The ‘MasterChef Australia’ 2023 Grand Final delivered an emotional tribute to the show's late judge Jock Zonfrillo.

As Brent Draper claimed the 2023 title, Network Ten paid homage to the beloved TV host through a montage of clips displaying his impactful journey on the show.

In the tribute, Jock's voice echoed: "Food's been my entire life. The most important thing to me is giving back in the kitchen." 

These words showcased his deep passion and dedication to his career. 

The montage wrapped with a moving moment as Jock's voice bid farewell, encouraging viewers to savour life's simple pleasures: "For the last time, go home, make yourselves a cup of tea, put your feet up and be kind to each other, we'll see you back here tomorrow."

One last picture spread across the screen reading: “Give it up for Jock Zonfrillo.”

Jock tragically passed away on April 30. Jock was found just hours before the new season of 'MasterChef' was meant to premiere

Jock's widow, Lauren Fried, shared a heartbreaking message on Instagram just hours before the grand finale aired, expressing the family's emotional journey. 

She revealed that watching Jock during his final season of MasterChef had been too difficult for them. However, she emphasised the significance of watching the grand finale with her and Jock's children, a tradition they had cherished as a family. 

It was an occasion that Jock took immense pride in, relishing his role as a judge. As a tribute to his memory, they decided to honour his legacy by watching the finale together.

“We used to really enjoy watching the finale together. It was something Jock was really proud of, it was a job he really loved doing, so we’ve decided we’re going to honour that and keep doing what we would normally do and watch the finale together.”

Lauren expressed her intention to keep Jock’s memory alive by sharing cherished moments from his life with fans. 

From delightful recipes to heartfelt travels and family adventures, Lauren saw it as a meaningful way to find purpose amidst the grieving process.