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Jock Zonfrillo

Will MasterChef AU replace Jock Zonfrillo next season?

"What if Mel and Andy decide not to continue being judges next season?".

Rumours have surrounded the future of MasterChef Australia, and it seems that the late judge Jock Zonfrillo might not be replaced for the upcoming 2024 season. 

While auditions for new contestants are already underway, there hasn't been any confirmation about a third judge joining the panel of existing hosts Melissa Leong and Andy Allen.

Recent reports from the Herald Sun suggest that Melissa and Andy could potentially continue their roles as judges, forming a dynamic duo that fans are already familiar with and connected to despite the loss of their close friend and fellow Judge Jock.

However, other fans have been speculating whether Andy and Melissa would choose to remain on the show without their fellow judge.

In a Facebook post on a MasterChef fan page, one user shared their thoughts: "Has anyone ever thought, 'What if Mel and Andy decide not to continue being judges next season?'". 

Others revealed that the idea had crossed their mind as well.

However, some mentioned how Network Ten had previously replaced an entire judging panel and that may also be a possibility for the next season of the hit Australian cooking show. 

In 2019, the network bid farewell to long-time judges Matt Preston, George Calombaris, and Gary Mehigan. 

One person wrote, "Like in any other job, none of us are indispensable. There will always be someone to take our place no matter how loved or talented we are."

Despite these uncertainties, there were many loyal fans who firmly believed that Jock would want Andy and Melissa to continue leading MasterChef in his absence. 

And quite frankly, we couldn't agree more! 

The dynamic and chemistry between Melissa and Andy has attracted a loyal fanbase. So, here's hoping that they choose to stay on board for the next season of MasterChef Australia. 

In the meantime, we will have to wait and see what is decided on whether a third judge will join the judging panel for the upcoming season.