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P!NK forced to cancel ‘Summer Carnival’ show and fans were not supportive

P!NK forced to cancel ‘Summer Carnival’ show and fans were not supportive

The Grammy award-winning singer had to call off one of her shows in the US leg of the tour.
2 October 2023 4:15PM

The world-renowned pop sensation P!nk is currently on her ‘Summer Carnival’ tour. We all know about her electrifying performances, involving a heavy circus influence as she flies around stadiums across the world. 

But recently the star has been faced a tough decision to cancel one of her concerts just hours before she was set to take the stage, and it has stirred up a whirlwind of reactions. 

Taking to Instagram, she expressed her regret and apologised to her devoted fans in Arlington, Texas, where the show was scheduled. 

However, some fans were far less than sympathetic, expressing their frustration at the ‘last-minute notice’. 

One commented “I came all this way to see you, the last-minute notice is disappointing. I’m heartbroken,”

“Got tickets for Christmas and stressed my whole pregnancy hoping I would have my baby in time to make it to the concert... and I just got here from out of state two weeks post partum to find out it’s cancelled.” commented another. 

And while yes it is fair for fans to be disappointed, at the end of the day she is human and we all get sick. 

While no one wants to have a concert cancelled on them that they’ve been waiting so long to see, the dedication that Pink has to her shows and her fans means these kinds of decisions would never come lightly to the singer. 

“Wow! Some hateful comments from some people who claim to be her fans,”

“If you know you know. Pink never cancels unless she’s deathly ill. Never. For those saying we just found out. Yes. That’s 100 per cent due to the fact that she waited until the very last moment to try to perform.”

Pink's decision to prioritize her health just shows that she cares deeply for her fans and wants to give them the best of herself.

Pink is set to bring her ‘Summer Carnival’ tour over to New Zealand in March 2024 supported by special guest, Tones and I.