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Austrailan club apologises to Pink after denying her entry for having no ID

Austrailan club apologises to Pink after denying her entry for having no ID

Onlookers were "shocked" to see the singer and her crew turned away at the door.

When a mega-celebrity shows up at a local business, you’d expect all the bells and whistles to be pulled out, right? That was not the case for Pink when she arrived at an Aussie club for dinner.

The US singer arrived at the Manly Skiff Club with a booking for 15 people, only to be turned away at the door. 

Why? Because she didn't have ID. 

Manly local, Mark Eymes witnessed the moment unfold, telling Aussies ‘A Current Affair’ he was “shocked” and “disappointed” at the treatment of Pink and her crew.

"I don't know what they were thinking," he said.

"I couldn't understand why it seemed like no one else in the club realised who it was."

When asked to present her ID, Mark overheard Pink say: 'No, I don't. I don't carry ID'."

To make matters worse, she also revealed she had paid a 50% deposit on her booking. 

Mark said he approached the staff with his club membership card on behalf of the ‘So What?’ singer in hopes that would help her finally get her foot in the door.

He explained: "I sort of heard it happening, so I jumped over to her line and got my membership card and started waving it around, said, 'Oh look, I'll sign them in, here's my card, I'm a local and let's go'.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to do it. The staff insisted she needed to hand over her own ID.

The club has since apologised for the interaction. "Let's be honest, we were disappointed at how things played out and we're sorry Pink and her team couldn't enjoy our signature Skiff Club hospitality," they said.

While Mark expressed his appreciation for the door staff following the strict rules in place, he believed the whole situation could have been avoided. 

It’s reported that Pink and her crew left without a fuss, and dined elsewhere in Manly.

Can all Kiwi businesses note to NOT deny Pink entry while she’s in the country for her two shows at Auckland’s Eden Park next month?