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US mum tells us exactly why the Las Vegas 'Bluey' experience left kids AND parents screaming

US mum tells us exactly why the Las Vegas 'Bluey' experience left kids AND parents screaming

Mirabel and her 5-year-old daughter wish they never went along...

We’ve found out the inside scoop on the Las Vegas Bluey experience that has gone viral for all of the wrong reasons.

If you haven’t already heard, the hot dog joint ‘Dirt Dog’ hyped up a massive Bluey-themed event promising games, treats, face painting, and a chance to meet Bluey Heeler.

When you think of meeting the beloved cartoon pup, you’d imagine a well-crafted mascot costume with a discreet person inside, creating the illusion that the character has come to life.

Unfortunately, for Mirabel Paez-Robinson and her 5-year-old daughter, it was a major letdown. 

The event featured a man in a cheap Bluey onesie -  far from the paw-some experience they expected.

Mirabel spoke to our very own Jay-Jay and Flynny to debrief her horrible experience. 

“It wasn’t anything like I had imagined,” she admitted. “There was a HUGE line that almost warped around the parking lot.”

“I had assumed it would be outside because Dirt Dog is a small restaurant,” she said. “It was not.”

“You couldn’t actually see anything until you went inside.” According to Mirabel, it took about 30 minutes to get in. 

SOURCE: Supplied 

When it came to the Bluey meet and greet, Mirabel burst into laughter saying: “You could see [the staff member’s] entire face in the costume”.

Describing the cheap costume she added: “It was like a pyjama set.”

SOURCE: Supplied

While waiting in the line for the so-called experience, Mirabel recalls some kids and their parents walking out “crying and warning people in line”.

Disappointed punters were letting them know the event was not what was advertised. 

She recalled one lady screaming: “That in there is not Bluey, do not go in there unless you want to traumatise your kids.”

Giving it a ranking out of 10 - 1 being extremely disappointing and 10 being pretty good - Mirabel gave it a 0…

That says it all!

Dirt Dog has since taken to their Instagram account to apologise, writing: "We are truly sorry this event wasn’t to standard. We will work on improving all of our events going forward so we can bring you the highest quality as you all deserve. We appreciate everyone taking the time to send us your feedback."

What do you reckon? Would you be left mortified by this experience?!