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Which MAFS NZ 2024 brides and grooms have had reality TV, TikTok and modelling gigs before?

Which MAFS NZ 2024 brides and grooms have had reality TV, TikTok and modelling gigs before?

Have you seen any of these faces before?!

Married At First Sight NZ is preparing for its fourth season of Kiwi brides and grooms ready to find the one. The lineup of eight participants has been revealed, and a few of them are no strangers to being in front of the camera.

Due to recent seasons of the show, there's - as there always is - some speculation if any of the cast view the show more as an opportunity for some fame rather than a genuine search for love.

As we get ready to witness another round of 'I dos,' let's have a look at which 2024 participants have dabbled in reality TV, modelling, and the influencer world before joining the experiment.

Michael (Mike) Wilson

MAFS NZ won’t be Mike’s first reality TV stint. Nope, the auctioneer was actually on ‘The Apprentice Aotearoa’ back in 2021. 

The groom-to-be did pretty well too, placing third overall on the show. Here’s hoping he’s lucky in love to make it to those final vows and walk away with a win - his bride’s heart!

Mike also hosts a podcast with his mate Ryan. The two chat about all things mental health, self-discovery and mindfulness. 

He’s definitely not shy in front of a camera. It leaves the question of whether Mike is just in search of yet another public platform or the real deal. I guess, we’ll soon be able to judge that for ourselves.

Samantha Best

Samantha is a verified content creator on both Instagram and TikTok, making parenting and lifestyle videos for her whopping 115k TikTok followers.

The 26-year-old has shared her life navigating being a single mum to her 5-year-old son while living with her best friend and daughter.

She’s nailing the game with a good chunk of her videos gaining 100,000+ views. She’s even gone and scored herself a profile on famous birthdays.

According to her profile, the New York Post covered her experience In August 2022, publishing a story titled "We're single moms who live together and split our finances."

We’re excited to see how Samantha goes at finding Mr Right!

If you want to hear more from MAFS NZ listen to the More FM Breakfast Club asking Kiwis who they know any of the 2024 participants here: 

Stephanie (Steph) Archer

We’ve done a little bit of a deep dive and found Steph is more than comfortable in front of the camera. After coming across an old StarNow profile, we discovered the soon-to-be bride has dabbled in modelling.

Her profile appears to date back to 2009 and is packed with very Facebook-worthy profile pictures for the time. 

Aside from posing for a few photos in uni, it seems Steph went on to gain a few modelling gigs from her profile. 

However, in 2012 she admitted she was “yet to have any acting experience”. 12 years later and she’s landed a spot on the reality dating show - here’s hoping it’s for the real deal.

Nathaniel Drury

Steph isn’t the only one whose digital footprint is following them, we’ve found what appears to be Nathaniel's old SoundCloud account from 2013.

Nathaniel seemed to try his hand at the music scene uploading tracks titled ‘Just Bored lol’ and ‘Get Lucky Cover’. 

While there’s no sign of Nathaniel’s singing career having taken off, we’re going to assume that this is just a piece of pure gold from the past. 

I hate to do this to you Nathan, but it’s a good reminder to go back through and find what might be lurking on your old online accounts before securing a spot on a reality TV show. 

However, I am secretly hoping we get to see a cute little serenade to his soon-to-be wife. How great would that be?!

So, while we eagerly await the matchmakers' decision at the altar, how are we feeling about the MAFS NZ 2024 participants so far?