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Popular TV show ‘The Office’ could be getting a reboot

Great news Office fans!


Handmaid's Tale's Aunt Lydia responds to her characters actions in the sequel

Sounds like her character goes on quite a journey


The Handmaid's Tale creators working on a sequel series set in the same world

There are plenty more stories to be told.


'Saved By The Bell' stars say a reunion show is being talked about

Would you be keen to see these characters return?


Kath and Kim's real life house is being opened up to the public

Time to head back to Fountain Lakes!


7 burning questions we have after the explosive Handmaid's Tale season finale

What did you think of season 3?


Disney announce when their new streaming service will launch in NZ

Might be time to fork out for another streaming service...


A 'Home Alone' reboot has been confirmed by Disney

Not all fans are excited though...


'Sweet Home Alabama' actor Josh Lucas says a sequel is being worked on

We could be heading back to Alabama soon!


People are freaking out over what the Teletubbies sun looks like now

Here's a blast from the past!


Katherine Heigl opens up about a potential return to Grey's Anatomy

Some fans are still keen to see Dr Izzie return.


Starfish with a big booty dubbed the 'real life' Patrick from Spongebob

The starfish has found internet fame!


Disney gives first look at live-action Mulan in epic new trailer

It looks a bit more serious than the cartoon original!


McLeod's Daughters star gives fans hope for a future reboot of the show

There's still hope!


Falling asleep in front of the TV or computer may lead to weight gain

Might need to cut back on that TV binge...


Handmaid's Tale star teases that fans can expect a 'fiery' third season

Not long to wait now!


'Game Of Thrones' finale gets hilarious John Hughes, 80's style recut

Even if you aren't a Game Of Thrones fan this will provide some good entertainment!


Renée Zellweger says there could be a fourth Bridget Jones movie on the way

Fingers crossed this happens soon!


Will Smith admits he was 'terrified' to take over the iconic Genie role in Aladdin

He took over the role from the late Robin Williams.


The trailer for the first Downton Abbey film is here

Looks like the Crawleys' are gearing up for a royal visit!