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Kiwi baker shares how to make the classic 'Dessertalicious' ice-cream at home
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Kiwi baker shares how to make the classic 'Dessertalicious' ice-cream at home

We'll be making this one!
21 April 2020 1:03PM

Remember the classic Tip Top ice cream the Dessertalicious? It's honey-comb ice-cream, chocolate mousse and sponge filling held a special place in the hearts of many Kiwis.

Although the icecream was discontinued years ago, it hasn't stopped Kiwis love and desire for the icy treat.

While there are currently no plans to bring it back to supermarkets, a Kiwi baker has shared how you can make it at home!

"To be quite honest, it’s the easiest thing to make because the lid says what’s inside... 'Soft Sponge' - For the Base, 'Creamy Ice Cream' - For the Centre 'Rich Mousse' for the top." she wrote on her Facebook page.

"So all you really need to do is layer this all in a spare ice cream container..."


  • Chocolate Sponge x1
  • 2 Litre Ice Cream (HoneyComb, Gold Rush or Salted Caramel works best)
  • Mousse (you can use packet mix)
  1. Chocolate Sponge for the base, just flip the empty tub upside down and use it like a cookie cutter on your sponge cake then line the Ice Cream Container with it.
  2. Next spoon Half a tub of HoneyComb, Gold Rush or Salted Caramel Ice Cream on top of the sponge base inside of the Ice Cream Container.
  3. Finally spread already set Mousse on top of the Ice Cream.
  4. Sprinkle with some Chocolate Drops then freeze for AT LEAST 6 Hours.
    If your extra like me, make sure you already use a Tip Top Tub and Print off the official Dessertalicious Label to go on the Lid.

Could be worth giving a shot with the whole family!