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Here’s how to turn 14 days of annual leave into 37 days off in 2022
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Here’s how to turn 14 days of annual leave into 37 days off in 2022

Make the most of your leave in 2022!
22 October 2021 8:52AM

Want to make the most of your leave in 2022?

There is a way to do that.

Waitangi Day falls on a Sunday this year so if you take Friday 4th of February off too or Tuesday the 8th February, you’ll have a nice four day weekend on the cards.

You can then take off another four days at Easter between 19th-22nd April and you’ll wind up with eleven days off in a row - thanks to ANZAC Day that falls on Monday the 25th April.

Queen's Holiday Weekend then falls on June 6th but if you take that full week off from 7th – 10th, you’ll get another nine days in a row off.

2022 sees the first Matariki public holiday. Friday the 24th of June is the official day, so if you take Thursday the 23rd off or Monday the 27th off, then you get a nice four day weekend in the middle of winter.

When October lands (notice a trend here?), you can try the same. By taking October 25th - 28th off, you’ve used just four days of leave but get a nine day break from the workplace. Or 10 days if you're from the Hawkes Bay - their anniversary day falls on October 21st!

That stretched out 14 days annual leave into 37 continuous days off. Win-win!

Now do bear in mind that you may want to keep a few annual leave days in your back pocket for Christmas 2022. Maybe you can swap out one of the days around the April or June Holiday's for a longer Christmas break.