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It's the end of the iconic Kiwi Tupperware party

Tupperware will soon no longer be sold in New Zealand!
25 August 2022 3:16PM

Tupper-where are they going?

Sad news for all of us Tupperware lovers or hoarders! Tupperware is officially finishing up in New Zealand after 49 years since it was first released here. That means, there will be no more Tupperware parties...  

UOL, the exclusive importer of Tupperware in New Zealand has confirmed that it's closing its business on October 30 this year. Covid-19 has had a great impact on their sales, causing a decline in sales and Tupperware parties.

UOL has been the only importer of the beloved Tupperware in New Zealand since 2020. 

“For 47 of the last 49 years, the Tupperware business was built on the face-to-face party plan model where friends and family would get together for an hour or two of catch-ups, laughs and of course to see the latest and greatest from Tupperware,” the release said via Stuff. 

“As we all know, things changed when Covid arrived and the in-person party model, by necessity, stopped and international supply chains faced their own challenges. Even with the relaxation of lockdowns, there is an understandable reluctance for in-home parties.”

As the company is its own independent company from Tupperware Australia, UOL has not spoken on their behalf.

“They are aware of our closure and will be continuing to support warranty for the New Zealand market. Further communication will be provided around this once it becomes available.”

Switching the events to online was not enough to maintain the sales, resulting in declined sales.

The final container of products will arrive in early September and their website will be open for ordering until October 30 or until stocks last. 

Account holders will no longer be able to earn Tupper points from August 29. 

RIP Tupperware parties! You will be missed...