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'I want to go home': Live NZ news broadcast gets interrupted by terrifying Spookers Zombies
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'I want to go home': Live NZ news broadcast gets interrupted by terrifying Spookers Zombies

I would be gone faster than you could say "boo"!
31 October 2022 5:37PM

Halloween is all about scaring the living daylights out of people, oh and candy, but this year one New Zealand live broadcast got more tricks than treats with a terrifying surprise from some pretty spooky visitors. 

During Newshub’s live coverage on ‘The AM Show’, hosts Ryan Bridge, Melissa Chan-Green and Nicky Styris got the fright of their lives by two Spookers Haunted Attractions grey-faced zombies. 

“NOPE,” Newshub wrote in the caption, which is legit my reaction. “That’s enough work for today.”

The actors managed to do a frightfully fantastic job as they ran around the set screaming some weird gibberish that would have me packing my things on the spot and never returning.

In fact, that’s exactly what Chan-Green wanted to do as she is heard saying, "I want to go home … that is very scary". 

Later in the show, Waiirua and the Spookers' performers moved upstairs to the Newshub newsroom and scared unwitting workers.  

"There's a lot of scary people up there already, so I think they will be fine," Bridge joked. 

The performers continued to terrify Newshub staff when they moved to the reception area and scared workers as they came into the building. 

Honestly, if this happened to me as I was about to leave work for the day I would’ve run out of the door fast than you could say boo!

In his attempt of his own, Flynny decided to put on his own spooky outfit and attempt to prank the MoreFM office - let me warn you, he’s no Spooker’s actor, but you’re sure to get a good laugh out of him trying.

Check out the video here:

So what do you think? Did Flynny pull off a terrific prank or was it just a terrifying attempt? Either way, I know it’ll be haunting me for the rest of the day.