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Title Someone is selling a Maccas combo from 2021 on Trade Me
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Someone is selling a Maccas combo from 2021 on Trade Me

Where would you even put a ‘work of art’ like this
17 October 2022 11:43AM

You really can find anything on trade me. 

The site is the go-to place in Aotearoa for pretty much anything, from buying a house, to selling your unused gold clubs, to grabbing a pre-loved dining table. But there are also some pretty niche items on there too. 

While having a little scroll on the auction site, completely innocently, something caught our eye… a Framed Cheeseburger & Fries from Mcdonald's. 

Bit weird, but hey as Trade Me says “We're all searching for something”... maybe that something is fast food in a photo frame? 

The thing is, the condition is listed as new…but that could be a little questionable seeing as the ‘display’ was framed and sealed back in February 2021.
That's 20 months ago! 

“On 12th February 2021 we decided to frame up a cheeseburger and fries one afternoon and see what would happen over the years.” 

Surprisingly, the meal doesn't actually look too bad. I mean don't get us wrong, it's definitely nowhere near good enough to eat, but it’s held on pretty well in that frame. (I don't know what that means for what Ronald puts in their meals that keeps them living on after 20 months… but we’re not going to think about that)

At the time of writing this, the bidding currently sits at $73 NZD which could make it the most you’ve ever paid for one Maccas burger and fries. 

If you are interested in the item you’ll have to fork out for the shipping on top (and hope that frame doesn't smash in transit because we bet that would be an attack on your nose when you open the package). 

So who knew, the answer to a quick buck could be heading down to the local chip shop and auctioning off the next framed food display…?