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If you like gin and red wine, you're going to LOVE this new Kiwi gin

Aged like fine.... gin?

The saying “aged like fine wine” just took on new and delicious meaning with Lighthouse and Mt Difficulty’s Barrel Aged Gin collaboration.

Ideal for chilled summer refreshments, the two Kiwi-owned brands have combined their specialities resulting in a gin with a unique twist.

Lighthouse Gin is special because it's aged in the french oak barrels that once held Mt Difficulty's iconic Central Otago Pinot Noir. This gives the gin a golden colour with a mild citrus flavour and hints of thyme and red berries.

“We’ve been having a couple of drinks with our mates at Mt Difficulty and that got us to some experimentation,” says Rachel Hall, the head distiller at Lighthouse.

If you feel like experimenting this holiday season, Hall recommends the following combo to really taste the pop of flavour from their new creation.

Mix 30ml of Lighthouse Mt Difficulty Barrel Aged Gin and 30ml of red vermouth in a tumbler glass. 

Top the drink with peach and ginger sparkling water before garnishing with a dehydrated orange slice and wild thyme.

The stunning packaging also makes a bottle the perfect gift for the gin lovers in our lives, that is if you don’t want to keep it all to yourself.

Just when you thought you've tried every g and t combo available you're going to want to test out a few new ideas with this one at your next dinner party.