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Contact offering free power
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Contact energy are offering free power for new parents of Kiwi babies born from Feb onwards

"Spend more time enjoying the newborn phase and less time thinking about bills.”

If you’re an expecting parent then you could also be expecting some free power because one Kiwi energy provider is offering three months of free power to 1,000 new parents-to-be.

If you’re welcoming a newborn bubba from February 1, Contact will count you in for their ‘Fourth Trimester’ initiative.

SOURCE: contact.co.nz

After researching the financial pressures of being a parent-to-be, Contact found that the cost of raising a child in New Zealand starts at $9,100 a year, which can cause some big concerns when it comes to waiting for your next household bill.

Contact also found, in order to save money on their electricity bill, 81% of Kiwi parents used their appliances (washer/dryer) less frequently or at specific times of the day just to cut costs.  

So, with this new offer on the table, Contact hope to gift at least two million hours of free power, aiming to reduce the financial stress on new parents.

Eseta Cook, mother of Mavae received the perk in 2022: “When I heard we were getting 3 months of free power I was so excited. Now I get to do more laundry and enjoy electricity for 3 months all for free, and it also means we get to save a lot within that 3 months – so I’m really grateful it’s going to be amazing.”

Eseta Cook, mother of Mavae

I mean, the only worry you should have as a parent of a newborn is creating a bond with your new addition to the family, right?!

Contact’s CEO Mike Fuge says: “Fourth Trimester is designed to ensure the home is the best place for new families by taking the pressure off during a financially challenging period, enabling them to spend more time enjoying the newborn phase and less time thinking about bills.”

Fiona Kingsford, CEO of Whānau Āwhina Plunket, believes that Contact's Fourth Trimester offer will significantly lessen the strain on Kiwi families during what may be a difficult financial period.

“Adding a new member to the whānau is a special time but it’s also one of the biggest changes a family will go through. Most Kiwi families will be on a reduced income when welcoming a new member to the family, meaning covering basic expenses such as bills can be stressful.”

Find out more about Fourth Trimester and how to apply HERE.