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TradeMe's most expensive sales of 2022
Kiwi As
Kiwi As

TradeMe's most expensive sales of 2022

From one of Apple's first desktop computers to a high-end watch, TradeMe saw some serious and surprising spending in 2022.
9 January 2023 11:50AM

2022 has come to an end and the team at TradeMe has compiled some of the most expensive (and surprising) sales from the past year.

10. Apple Lisa 2 - $2800

'Lisa' is a desktop computer developed by tech giants Apple and released to the public in January 1983. 

It is one of the first personal computers to present a graphical user interface in a machine aimed at individual business users.

9. Amiga 3000 - $3,370

The Amiga 3000 (also known as the A3000) is a personal computer released by Commodore in June 1990. 

It succeeded the Amiga 2000 but offered more processing speed, improved graphics and a newly revised operating system.

8. The Bluestars 1966 album 'Social End Product' vinyl - $4,000

The Bluestars was a garage rock band from Auckland and became one of the most popular bands in the country in the 1960s.

They were the first NZ rock band to be signed to a label when their first single appeared on Decca Records. 

The vinyl itself was in premium condition, with a founding member of the Wanganui vinyl club telling the seller it had "probably never been played, beautiful glossy disc, with slight foxing speckles which could be removed with careful cleaning."

7. Original 17th century King James Bible - $7,000

This original 1617 King James Bible presented as an entire Bible including the Apocrypha that was still in very good condition, pages can be turned and read while the outside leather is still very sturdy.

The KJV bible is heralded for both its longstanding value as a translation of Scripture and for its impact on the English language was commissioned in 1604. 

In 1611, royal printer Rober Barker produced the first copies of the new English version of the Bible. A second printing took place in 1613, with a third in 1617.

6=. Crown Lynn Medium Black Swan - $7,500

The rarity of the Crown Lynn Medium Black Swan is likely the main contributing factor to the price of this sale.

Kiwi potter makers Crown Lynn have amassed a reputation of elegance and quality, fetching thousands of dollars for a number of other similar products at numerous auctions in the past few years.

6=. Cycad, Encephalartos horridus (plant) - $7,500

The South African cycad, encephalartos horridus sold for $7500 was a mature specimen, around 30 years since its seed was described as having 'outstanding colour', and boasted a 32cm caudex (which is the stem structure of the plant).

5. LEGO Star Wars collection - $12,500

A collection of over 150 genuine LEGO Star Wars sets with most in their original box and including a full instruction manual fetched a hefty $12,500 on TradeMe last year.

Some of the highlights of the collection include Darth Vaders Castle, Jabba's Palace and Rankor Pitt, Star Destroyer and Luke's original X-wing from 1999.

4. Pokémon PSA collection - $20,000

A collection of around 50 PSA-graded Pokémon cards sold for a collective $20,000 combined through individual sales.

Some of the most expensive cards up for grabs were a Charmeleon Stormfront PSA10 low pop ($1300), a Charizard ex-dragon PSA9 ($1100), and a Zard crystal guardian PSA9 ($950).

3. Addams Family Classic Pinball Machine - $25,250

A vintage pinball machine themed around the 1991 film 'The Addams Family' which was 'well looked after and serviced when required' was reluctantly sold for just over $25,000 earlier in 2022.

Its rarity and good condition made the old-school arcade game a must-have for many bidders, driving the price up to more than what some would spend on a brand-new car.

2. Hermès Birkin 35 Hangbag Veau Epsom 35 2018 **Brand New** - $32,900

High-end fashion brand Hermès Birkin produces a number of leather handbags which due to their limited availability, and high demand, often re-sell for tens of thousands of dollars, as is seen in this TradeMe auction.

The seller reportedly purchased the bag for $28,960 (incl. Airport fees) and it comes with a padlock, key, rain cover, cotton bag and the original invoice.

1. 2022 Yellow Gold Sky-Dweller Rolex **Unworn + Brand New** - $75,5000

An 18 Carat Yellow Gold Rolex Sky-Dweller with an intense white dial and oyster bracelet tops the highest sales list on TradeMe in 2022 at just over $75,000 NZD.

The luxury watch is brand new, came with the full set (watch, box, card and manual), has a 5-year global warranty and all links.