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Hell Pizza have released a cauliflower ice cream, but shh don't tell the kids
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Hell Pizza have released a cauliflower ice cream, but shh don't tell the kids

Don't worry, it's not as crazy as it seems!

If you're keen on the sort of feed that leaves the sweet taste of confusion in your mouth, you may want to try the latest from Hell Pizza: Cauliflower ice cream. 

Yeah, it’s definitely got me intrigued, so, let me try and explain the idea as best I can. 

According to Hell, “it’s cauliflower but not as you know it.” 

Hell has partnered with the Kiwi vegan ice cream brand EatKinda to launch their unique ice cream in two delicious-sounding flavours: Strawberry Swirl and Mint Choc Bikkie.

Now, I know when you read the word cauliflower, you probably thought 'this is crazy', but it’s not quite as scary as you first thought. 

EatKinda’s Jenni Matheson first discovered that cauliflower was the perfect base for plant-based ice cream “without having an over-powering taste”.

Matheson joined forces with Mrinali Kumar (Bachelor of Food Technology at Massey University) and BOOM, EatKinda was born!

Here's where things get extra legendary. The team use “rescued cauliflower” that would otherwise not make it to supermarket shelves to create the sweet treat.

Don’t worry, Kumar says they’re perfectly fine to eat, they just might not look the most attractive to the eye. 

“We source it from suppliers including Perfectly Imperfect, a social enterprise that saves cosmetically imperfect food from rotting in the ground. It’s a win-win for everyone,” she says.

Well, that gets a big green thumbs up from me! Heck, we might even get the kids into it!

“We’ve always been big on plant power - from our Burger Pizza using Impossible Beef to the recent plant-based Steak & Cheese Pie Pizza,” Ben Cumming, CEO of HELL added.

He continued: For us, it’s about showcasing amazing plant-based alternatives and showing people that being kinder to the planet doesn’t mean compromising on taste.”

EatKinda’s Strawberry Ripple and Mint Choc Bikkie ice creams are available now at HELL stores up and down the country.