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Kiwi fan's 'wholesome' interaction with Harry Styles in Auckland goes viral
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Kiwi fan's 'wholesome' interaction with Harry Styles in Auckland goes viral

The sweetest encounter you'll see today!

This is absolutely not a drill! Harry has been officially seen on the streets of Tāmaki Makaurau and had the most wholesome interaction with a fan.

In a TikTok clip posted by @harryisbanana, the one and only Harry Styles is caught on camera by the fan during his adventures around the city.

The fan recording asks to grab a quick pic with the singer, but unfortunately, he declines. Though, it might just be the politest refusal we’ve ever seen.

“Do you mind if we don’t?” Harry said before saying it was “lovely to meet” his fans and wishing them to “have a good day”.

They did sneak in a quick hug though, which I’m sure was more than what they had hoped for. 

Harry really is the sweetest, right?!

Many fans took to the comments in awe of the interaction with many calling him “polite” and “respectful”.

SOURCE: @harryisbanana on TikTok

Though while many loved the sweet interaction, other fans couldn’t help but notice a very small yet HUGE detail - Is Harry wearing a 1D shirt?

ICYMI - Yesterday Harry posted an 'accidental' gym selfie to his Instagram wearing a One Direction T-shirt, and let me tell you the 2012 nostalgia really came out to play.

"I think that was the outfit he wore in his mirror pic, so the chances of him having the 1D shirt on underneath that are pretty HIGH," wrote an excited fan.

Another asked the big question: "How does it feel knowing you met him when he was wearing the 1D shirt underneath?" 

Unfortunately, the post has since been deleted, but not quickly enough for it to go unnoticed.

Some sharp-eyed fans took a screenshot of the post and posted it to the @cowgirlharry fan page. 

Although we don’t know when this video was taken, we can’t help but wonder what the connection is between the shirt and his show tonight.

With the band’s iconic tune “What Makes You Beautiful” expected in the line-up, is Harry hinting that we may get some extra 1D hits? I have all of my fingers and toes crossed for tonight!