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Here's how you can snag dinner for $1 if you're in Christchurch or Wellington this weekend
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Here's how you can snag dinner for $1 if you're in Christchurch or Wellington this weekend

Pretty hard to say 'no' to this!

Door Dash users in two of our biggest cities won’t have to break the bank to get a nice meal this weekend. 

For customers in Wellington and Christchurch, the food delivery service is offering $1 meals from select eateries this weekend (from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th). Only a few hours a day will the one-dollar offer be available (2 - 5 pm), so make sure you order then!

Some of the Wellington dollar options include:

  • Reburger’s Smashed Prince Burger
  • Hutt Rubs’ pulled pork loaded fries
  • Gerry’s Charcoal Chicken’s chicken and chips
  • Mama Brown’s southern fried chicken burger
  • Lord of the Fries’ sampler munch box
  • Abrakebabra’s meat on chips

Some of the Christchurch dollar options include:

  • $2 Dumpling Rices’ lunch box
  • Burger Station’s chicken burger
  • Lazeez’s grilled chicken souvlaki
  • Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar’s dozen matter dumplings
  • Empire Chicken’s tender box

Again, these are just SOME of the options so if (somehow) nothing here tickles your fancy, you might still be in luck! The offer is for delivery only, no pick-up or dine-in meals will be one dollar. 

DoorDash’s General Manager of New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, Rebecca Burrows, said they decided to get this promo going to show off some quality food spots locals may not know about.

“We’re excited to launch $1 meals this weekend and get Kiwis to get behind their favourite hospitality outlets,” she said. “We’ve got some amazing local eateries behind us and together we’re hoping to get their delicious food out to more Kiwis this weekend for only $1.”

The promotion only allows for one $1 meal per day per customer. You can use the relevant promo code for the day to redeem: DOLLARFRIDAY (Friday), DOLLARSAT (Saturday), and DOLLAR SUN (Sunday).