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Taika Waititi can't contain his excitement at surprise gift from Jason Momoa
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Taika Waititi can't contain his excitement at surprise gift from Jason Momoa

If this isn't true friendship then I don't know what is!
30 May 2023 1:30PM

Kiwi mates Taika Waititi and Jason Momoa (well, he's pretty much an honorary Kiwi by now, aye?) have become close friends lately, and this latest vid of Jason giving the director a heartfelt gift shows how special the pair's relationship really is.

Jason, who loves photography, gifted our favourite Kiwi director and film star a unique Leica M11 camera, which was customised specifically for the Hawaiian actor.

The best part of the whole thing is watching Taika unable to contain his excitement as his eyes almost bulge out of his head when he sees what Momoa has for him.

"Broooooo" Waititi exclaims, practically jumping on top of his friend, embracing him in a loving hug.

While the camera doesn't come with a specific lens, Momoa promises to secure the second part of the gift but that doesn't take anything away from Waititi's reaction as he continues to bug out over the gift.

"It doesn't get any more personal than that," he said before the boys embraced again exchanging a couple of 'I love you's'.

I'm not crying - you're crying.

And I'm not the only one who is loving this newfound friendship. 

"Two beautiful f*cking legends", one person commented on Jason's Instagram post, while another chimed in with: "Isn't it lovely when you give a gift and it's received with deep joy and understanding?"

Waititi has since posted a picture of wife Rita Ora in what looks like an old church, tagging Leica camera's Instagram account and confirming he's already snapping memories with his new toy. 

While it's hard to put a price on a gift as personal as that, the camera (without a lens) is available on the official Leica website for quite a hefty price in fact, at NZ$16,940 after GST!

Waititi's new camera is probably closer to priceless than that, with its one-of-one 'On The Roam' customisation, a reference to a creative production company owned and run by Momoa and Brian Mendoza.

So….has this got anyone else thinking it's about time their family and friends step up their gifting game?