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What discounts and free goodies can you get on your birthday in New Zealand?
Kiwi As
Kiwi As

What discounts and free goodies can you get on your birthday in New Zealand?

Treat yourself at these Kiwi spots on your special day!

Birthdays mean presents! And if you’re looking for a few extra goodies, there are a few spots around Aotearoa that have you covered. Food, coffee, clothes and beauty products can all be had for cheaper or even free on ya bday, just bookmark this article for your special day. 

Mecca gives you a whole gift on your birthday if you’re signed up for the ‘Beauty Loop’ (their membership programme). They have different levels of their membership programme (levels 1 through 4) so I’m guessing the quality of the gift varies depending on which level you’re in. 

The Body Shop
Sign up for The Body Shop’s loyalty club (The Club) and get a $10 reward voucher. 

If you're looking to improve your home or get a little something something for yourself, sign up to Farmer's Club with your email and get a free birthday gift!

Again, you have to sign up to their reward programme (the more aptly named ‘Starbucks Rewards) to get the birthday deal, which is a one free handcrafted tall standard beverage. Once you’re signed up, you get the coupon on the first day of your b’day month and you can use it just once throughout the month. 

Burger Fuel
If you sign up to Burger Fuel’s loyalty programme (Very Important Burger Connoisseur or VIB), you get a free burger on your birthday!

The American diner spot lets you have a free birthday meal if you eat with someone else. You get one menu item and it has to be an equal or lower price than your mate’s meal. You also have to bring a photo ID to prove it. 

Columbus Coffee
You can get a free Colombus coffee on your birthday when you sign up to their rewards programme, ‘Colombus Coffee Rewards’. 

Mama Brown’s (Wellington)
Mama Brown’s is an American diner kinda restaurant in Wellington only (sorry non-Welly folk). They offer a free meal and drink when you dine with someone else who also orders a main and a drink. It’s eligible within 5 days before and after your birthday. You gotta bring your ID.  Shoutout Mama Brown’s - a great spot in Welly for a nice burger and fries, sundaes are unreal too. 

Dr Rudi's (Auckland)
Rather than signing up for a loyalty programme, you can download the 'New Zealand Venue Co.' app on your phone and get $20 off on your birthday at a few spots. Dr Rudi's is not a bad b'day spot at all, and they're one of the venues that'll give ya the $20 off. 

Jolly Octopus Tattoos (Christchurch)
If you're feeling the need to ink it up to celebrate another year around the sun, Jolly Octopus Tattoos in Christchurch gives you $50 off on your b'day. A good tattoo is a bit more expenny than that but $50 goes a long way, maybe just get something small and silly anyway!