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Hilary Barry bare face
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Hilary Barry goes makeup free showing what she 'normally' looks like off TV in 'pro-ageing' pic

“Just a reminder of what I normally look like after the tv makeup comes off.”

New Zealand legend Hilary Bary has gone bare-faced, showing what she “normally” looks like when she’s not all glammed up on our telly screens. 

The ‘Seven Sharp’ host took to Facebook to post a friendly reminder that she is ageing just as beautifully as the rest of us.

Hilary wrote: “Just a reminder of what I normally look like after the tv makeup comes off. Wrinkles, laugh lines, blemishes, disappearing eyebrows, freckles and Murray the mole.”

“Got no time for anti-ageing products because I’m PRO-ageing baby!”

Many went straight to the comments to praise Hilary on her authenticity and compliment her beautiful bare face. 

“I love how you keep everything real Hilary! You are a definite inspiration to our young woman,” applauded one Kiwi woman. 

Another echoed: “In our ability to inhabit our maturing bodies with confidence and acceptance, we offer comfort and hope to those too frightened to do so. This is true beauty.”

“Getting old is a gift not a given, let's embrace our wrinkles, grey hair etc,” wrote a third, and Hilary agreed: “Yes, yes, yes!”

This comes just three months after fellow NZ TV host Kanoa Lloyd made a similar move in the encouragement of embracing natural beauty after deciding to wipe her makeup off live on ‘The Project’.

Kanoa went au naturel, baring her “real face’ on The Project last night, after a chat about the damaging effects of beauty filters on social media.

During the chat about “unrealistic beauty standards”, Kanoa felt as though she was being hypocritical to sit on live TV with her full face of makeup, trying to empower others to embrace their natural beauty. 

So, Kanoa took a makeup wipe to her face wiping off her “full TV glam” only for viewers to recognise her beauty without the added effect of her makeup.

With her beautiful fresh face, Kanoa explained: “I’m not doing this to say one thing is better or one thing is more beautiful than another. I blimmin' love makeup."

"It’s just not normal to have that much stuff on all the time.”

We love Hilary and Kanoa for embracing their beauty both with and without the glam. 

I’d like for you to consider this your friendly reminder to go look in a mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful and “ageing like a pro” too!