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The 'Coco Reo Māori' cast have shared some behind the scenes peeks of the Disney magic
Kiwi As
Kiwi As

The 'Coco Reo Māori' cast have shared some behind the scenes peeks of the Disney magic

“To voice a character that’s already been out into the world, it’s a bit of a challenge!”

The hype train for ‘Coco Reo Māori’ is rolling full steam ahead! We've been treated to a sneak peek of the film's main characters, Miguel, Hector, and Abuelita, and boy, oh boy, it looks like we're in for a magical adventure!

The @disneyreomaori official account dropped some seriously cool behind-the-scenes shots of our favourite characters in action. 

Let me tell you, these glimpses have me, itching to watch the latest Te Reo adaption on the big screen.

First up, we have a look at Mānuera Mānihera’s character, the brave and curious Miguel. The 11-year-old tama is seen sharing his beautiful voice acting on set, and it's clear they've fully embraced the character's cheeky personality.

Troy Kingi plays Héctor. In the behind-the-scenes snapshot, Troy explains his role in the film is like nothing he’s ever done before.


He also explained how he feels a strong connection to the film’s storyline: “I just love the whole concept that once a year they get together with their deceased and celebrate them. It’s respectful in the way they treat their dead, and we do the exact same thing, we treat our dead with respect.”

And let's not forget about Abuelita played by the wonderful Kuini Moehau Reedy. In her behind-the-scenes peek, she explains how language is important in the film. By the looks of it, she utilises a mixture of Spanish, Māori and English. Just like how the original embraces the Spanish language she is ready for te reo Māori to be heard on the same platform.

From what we've seen so far, this film promises to be filled with aroha and a dash of Disney magic.

Coco Reo Māori will be in the cinemas from 13 July, just in time for Matariki!