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A 10yo Kiwi girl’s auction for a potato chip with a heart-shaped hole has reached over $10k
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A 10yo Kiwi girl’s auction for a potato chip with a heart-shaped hole has reached over $10k

There's only 24 hours left to bid, before the donation is sent to Starship Hospital.

A chip with a heart-shaped hole in it has become the talk of the town, all thanks to a ten-year-old Auckland girl with, well, a heart of gold.

Bianca McPherson stumbled upon this rare find while munching on a bag of Bluebird ready-salted chips. 

Instead of devouring it like you or I would, she came up with the brilliant idea to list the chip on Trade Me to raise money for a good cause.

The listing states: “The winner will receive the chip, currently being safely stored in a Glad ziplock bag.”

The goal? To raise funds for the Starship Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping children in need. 

And let me tell you, this heart-shaped wonder has already reached a whopping $6,550! 

With just over 24 hours to go until the auction closes on July 18 at 8 pm, who knows how much higher it will go?

In even better news, Bianca’s parents wrote under the listing: “Bluebird will match the winning bid up to $10,000. Thanks, Bluebird!”

People from all corners are pouring their love and support for Bianca's heart-warming auction. 

One auction watcher applauded: “You’ve raised a good kid!! The success of this endeavour is going to fuel her desire to continue to serve her community and her country!!! What an exemplar of a true blue Kiwi spirit!!! Wishing her much success!!”

Another mentioned how much the donation would help: “As a parent of a child who was born with only half a heart and has endured 4 palliative open heart surgeries at Starship, thank you for your wonderful auction. Every cent helps our amazing children's hospital.”

While a third cheeky bidder couldn't resist asking: “Hi, apart from the heart shape, are there any other chips or scratches on the chip? Do you have any other colour options? Do you have one with a smiley face instead of a heart?”

So, if you're feeling chipper and fancy yourself a one-of-a-kind chip, head over to Trade Me and join the bidding war for Bianca's heart-shaped chip. 

There’s not long to go! Ends Tuesday, July 8 at 8pm.