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From Peter Alexander to Glasshouse candles: We've found the best 'Barbie' movie merch in NZ

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has turned the whole world pink and once again, life in plastic is fantastic.

Okay, so we grew out of our Barbie phase yonks ago, but now that it's back, I’ve never been happier. 

The new ‘Barbie’ film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has turned the whole world pink and once again, life in plastic is fantastic. 

With the insane marketing campaign for the movie, it's no surprise that a whole heap of brands have jumped on the Barbie bandwagon and made our merch dreams come true. 

What better way for us Barbies and Kens to get amongst the action than to make sure we have a carefully curated list of all the Barbilicious things you can buy right here in NZ.

Whether you're looking for yourself or a Barbie enthusiast you know, here's the best Barbie merch money can buy in New Zealand: 


Peter Alexander has a whole load of Barbie-inspired designs that will surely make our dreams that much sweeter. We're not too old to gather the girl's around to watch ‘Barbie of Swan Lake’, right?!

SOURCE: peteralexander.co.nz

But hey, if your bank account isn't ready for a splurge, no worries! Typo has a more budget-friendly dressing gown that won’t break the bank.

SOURCE: (TYPO) cottonon.co.nz

On that comfy note, I’ve become super attached to my Oodie to the point it’s looking a lil worse for wear, so while hunting for a new one I found this, and does it not look fit for a movie night binge-ing every Barbie film on Netflix? 

SOURCE: oodie.co.nz

It’s definitely a statement piece that screams "I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world!"


Fashion alert! This Barbie tee from Kmart is definitely a fit to wear to go and watch the movie for the 12th time this week.

SOURCE: kmart.co.nz

Or if you're just chilling at home (like me, always) and want to stay warm and on-trend, maybe this Cotton On hoodie is more your style.

SOURCE: cottonon.co.nz

If you're looking for more high-fashion Barbie outfit inspiration, Zara’s Barbie-inspired collection is giving classy and chic. Honestly, it’s like we’re dressing ourselves instead of our dolls for the runway of a Barbie fashion show and I’m LOVING it!

SOURCE: zara.com


As if the packaging on this candle wasn't gorgeous enough, Glasshouse has actually made a candle with a Barbie Dreamhouse fragrance. Yep, they've somehow managed to capture that unique scent of a brand-new Barbie.

While it may be tempting enough to eat, please for the love of Barbie, don't throw yourself back to the days of munching on a plastic Barbie shoe - these candles are strictly for sniffing! lol.

SOURCE: nz.glasshousefragrances.com

From cute Barbie notebooks, cosy slippers, mugs and drink bottles this Typo collection looks like it’ll bring all the Barbie vibes to your Dreamhouse - or make your coworkers hella jealous. 

SOURCE: (Typo) cottonon.co.nz

Next time you plan on hosting a gal's night or a Barbie slumber party with your new PJ's, why not brighten up your place with this neon Barbie sign from The Warehouse

SOURCE: thewarehouse.co.nz

So, there you have it.  Get ready to embrace the Barbie magic and let your inner child out to play. You'll be living la vida Barbie in no time!